Rochester MN Downtown Farmers Market

Rochester MN Downtown Farmers Market

There’s something about markets I just LOVE. Wherever I travel, market is always on the top of my must-go places. I guess it is kind of like a scavenger hunt that’s full of surprises. You walk in looking for one thing and walk out with a lot more than you planned for.

I like open markets, in Taiwan most markets are out in the open street, crowded with veggie wholesalers, local farmers, old grandma who has a little garden and doesn’t know what pesticide is, meat vendors, fresh (by fresh I mean, alive) seafood stalls, ready-to-eat food stands, pot stores…… anything you can imagine.

In the U.S. people often shop in supermarkets, but they don’t seem to be very adventurous with their produce and I don’t like how things are cold and seems lifeless. I understand that some produce have to be imported from other parts of the country but I would much rather eat local and fresh! You also learn more about what you’re eating when you go to a real market.

It is also more than the produce. I like the way people interact with each other at a farmers market. You can feel the connection between consumers and farmers, farmers and produce, and we humans are all linked to this piece of land that we’re standing on. To me it is just an amazing feeling I get every time I go to the farmers market.

I’d been to a few farmers market in Seattle, and they were great but I really fell in love with the one in Rochester, it has to be my favorite farmers market in the states so far.

The reason I enjoyed it so much (I’ve gone every Saturday since I got here!) is that they keep it farm product only and all the vendors are so full of life and passionate about what they do. Oh! and great live music.

I was amazed by what I found at the farmers market. I’d always thought that weather in Minnesota would be unfit for growing a variety of Asian veggies, but I found them all at the market. I loved the fresh herbs, smoky homemade jerky (on top of my to-do list!), fresh crispy apples, fruits and vegetables I’ve never seen before, homemade pies, farm fresh eggs, flowers and to top it off I’ve found my new favorite coffee- Old Abe Coffee. (Try the nitro brew with a splash of maple syrup!)

Every week, the produce varies, different vegetables are “in season”, always new things to look at, how can I ever get sick of it?

We’ve decided that every Saturday is our grocery day- go to the Rochester downtown farmers market and shop for our whole week worth of greens and fruit!

Rochester Downtown Farmers Market


From the first Saturday in May through the last Saturday in October.

7:30 am – Noon.

Visit the Rochester Downtown Farmers Market website to learn more about them:

For some dishes inspired by ingredients I found at the farmers market:

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