Cheapest way to get around BKK 曼谷最便宜的交通工具

Cheapest way to get around BKK 曼谷最便宜的交通工具

Bangkok, what a chaotic city. But I love it.
Lets not talk about public transportation here, what is the cheapest way to get around this city if you’re on a budget?

A lot of people would just wave down a tuktuk. It’s not expensive comparing to other taxis in the rest of the planet and it is quite an experience but it is not cheap either, not by Thai standards anyway.


Heres a list of private transportation from cheapest to most expensive: (lets say youre traveling with a friend so for 2 people)

1. Taxi

2. Tuktuk

3. Motorbike
Make sure your taxi runs the meter they WILL try to name a price, insist on the meter, if they do not obey, get off that taxi and grab another. They will usually try to charge you twice as much as meter and tell you the traffic is bad so meter and their price are same same.

If there’s a traffic jam, then taxi may not be the best idea. Try bts/mrt or motorbike.

Tuktuk if you speak thai and very good at bargaining. Got a great deal from sathorn thai to khaosan once for 150 but that’s only because my friend spoke thai and i pretended to be local and said nothing while she bargained.

Motorbike if the traffic is bad and your destination isnt that far away

I was amazed by how taxi was the cheapest option. They are comfortable there’s AC, and usually fast! Plus if youre traveling with 3 or more people, 70% of the time it will be cheaper (or roughly the same price) to take a taxi rather than BTS!

Prices to Donmuang airport by taxi:

  • Sathon tai (Australia embassy) to DMK: 250 bhat (late night, no traffic, also picked up our luggage at Saphan Khwai and restarted the meter 117 to Saphan Khwai/133 SK to airport)
  • Mo chit to DMK: 120 bhat (at 12:30pm, traffic jam)


1. 計程車

2. 嘟嘟車

3. 摩托計程車

  • 大塞車的時候不要坐計程車 (考慮 BTS/MRT)
  • 如果你泰文很好又很會殺價歡迎坐嘟嘟
  • 塞車+路途不遠可以考慮摩托計程車

但是我還是覺得泰國計程車良心來著!有冷氣吹又舒服也很便宜 幹嘛不坐?

如果你有三個人一起旅行 坐計程車都比 BTS/MRT 划算~~

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